Our founder

Tomasz Major is Founder and Managing Director in Global Employment - Strategy Consultants. Lawyer, fellow in the Institute for Cross-Border Employment, President in the leading European Entrepreneurs Organisation - European Employers (approx. 5000 enterprises associated, employing more than 1,65 million people across of Europe), President in the IPP-Arbitration Court.

Tomasz Major, the senior partner, at forty one, is the founder of the firm and is spends most of his time administering to and dealing with the considerable talents of some of the most successful consultants on cross border employment in Europe. He is a counsellor, someone the younger associates can go to with their troubles.

Education: study of European and international business and tax law in Frankfurt (Germany) and in Aix-en-Provence (France).

International experience: Leading Law Firms, Business Consultants and Lobbying Firms in New York (USA), Paris (France), Düsseldorf (Germany) and Brussels (Belgium). Since 2000: practice of international tax law, European social law, cross-border labour law, international and cross-border employment business.

Clients and Projects:

  • Advising for two leading staffing agencies from United Arab Emirates regarding cross border employment in Europe
  • Advising a CAC-40 (France) company regarding posting of workers from Eastern Europe to France
  • Permanent advising for DAX (Germany) company regarding cross border employment in Europe
  • Permanent advising for two leading European construction firms regarding cross-border employment in Europe
  • Permanent advising for five leading European industry services companies (energy, petro and chemicals) regarding posting of workers
  • Advising for over 300 European staffing and temporary employment firms as well outsourcing firms and service providers: costs optimisation, posting of workers, A1, administrative requirements and procedures, control procedures 
  • Advising for over twenty staffing agencies from India and Nepal regarding immigration procedures, visa requirements and cross border employment in Europe
  • Advising for over 40 leading staffing firms as well outsourcing firms and service providers from south-east Asia regarding immigration procedures, visa requirements and cross border employment in Europe.


In the years 2003-2011 he organized exploratory expeditions to more than 60 countries around the world, including the spectacular lonely journey of the Sahara, expeditions into the heart of the jungles of Borneo, Papua, Sumatra, Uganda, Rwanda and South America. Since 2012, he has been showing the disappearing world to his closest friends - wild animals endangered with extinction, ecosystems most important for our planet, which will disappear in a few years and the most beautiful and wildest places on earth, which will soon be trampled by millions of people and ruthless companies.

In 2017-2019, he sailed twice to Antarctica (including once during the Antarctic winter), crossed the Drake Passage four times, sailed around Cape Horn three times and he was the first Polish sailor who reached Rudolf Land - the northernmost island of the Eurasian continent (Russian Arctic) and as one of the few sailors in the history of sailing, he reached 82 degrees north latitude by sailing boat.

Tomasz Major supports humanitarian projects around the world that help young people get out of poverty by setting up their own businesses and by taking up employment in other countries. Tomasz Major is a business angel valued by young inventors. He has successfully helped young people in recent years to implement some very innovative and difficult technological projects.

An ardent critic of contemporary capitalism and consumerism.