Our knowledge

  • labour laws in Europe
  • temporary employment regulations in EU-Member States
  • national administrative requirements of European countries for cross-border businesses
  • European social security law – A1 forms, exemptions etc
  • social security systems in Europe
  • national administrative practices and national as well European jurisprudence in the area of cross border employment (A1, social security, labour law, taxation)
  • wage taxes in Europe
  • European and national immigration procedures
  • double taxation treaties

Our services

  • consultations & advisory
  • consultations & advisory
  • opinions & optimal business structures
  • documentation
  • representation

Our Solutions

  • strategy planning in the area of cross-border employment in Europe
  • cross-border employment as cost-optimisation

Dedicated services for cross-border businesses

  • A1-forms for posted workers
  • Posting of workers - notifications in the EU-member states
  • Stocking of documents according the national laws in Europe
  • Representation for posting companies according the national laws in Europe
  • Representation in the control-procedures in the EU-member states
  • Work permits for non EU-citizens